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Here you can read about Henrik's works in various techniques. Please visit the portfolios for some examples of paintings and other work. Henrik has a lot more paintings in stock.


Henrik's drawings and paintings are of impressionistic style with some symbolism embedded. Henrik is an observer of nature and spends a lot of time wandering about in the woods, rivers, lakes and sea. These form typical subjects for his art, sometimes with surprising details.


Paintings in various media and techniques are available. Henrik is painting in oil, watercolour, encaustics, charcoal, pencil, woodcut prints, engravings, acrylics etc. View some of Henrik's paintings in these categories. There are also some sculptures made by him. New work are shown in the coming exhibitions.


The paintings are done in charcoal, red chalk, oil and acrylic on canvas, encaustic on wood support and mixed media. You can order a painting from Henrik either from the existing stock or let him paint something for you. 


A Certificate of Authenticity is issued to ensure that the work of art you get is exactly what you paid for. Henrik signs every certificate and sells directly to the audience. In exhibitions in galleries or public halls, the gallerist may do the sales task for him but even then, one is not leaving out any important documents. It is the document that proves that the work is by the artist, and not a forgery. When you buy artwork by Henrik Stenlund, it always comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. If you buy the work from a gallery, the Certificate of Authenticity comes from the gallery and includes the gallery's name, address, and an official signature.


If you wish to buy original watercolor, oil or acrylic paintings, encaustics, modern art, drawings or limited edition prints, please e-mail Henrik (henrik.stenlund (at) to request a quote or to discuss payment and shipping details. All paintings are typically sold and shipped on a wooden support, without a decorative frame. Usually they have some sort of low-cost transport frame. Stylish frames can be fitted with extra cost, selected by a professional.


Rates are determined on an individual basis and to a great extent depend on the complexity of the work. To receive a quote for an existing painting or photograph or for a new order, please contact Henrik directly.